Lined Vintage Paper with Illustration

Get your pens out and ready for action with these journal pages.

Vintage images on lined paper.

Ideas for using these Vintage Papers

  •  Poetry.
  •  Short stories.
  •  Rambling thoughts or ideas.
  •  Lists of books you love or are going to read.
  •  Use the images as writing prompts.

Ideas on how to use these Vintage Papers

  •  Coloured gel pens - colour up your words. You made them... now make them pretty!
  •  Write big! Use two lines for your letters instead of one.
  •  Write on every second line.
  •  Use gold or silver pens.


Three A4 pages in this pack.

Download Lined Vintage Paper with Illustration

Have fun!



  1. This download does not work. I get an ad for a war game instead.


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