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Printable Pirate Ships

Galleons were mostly built for trading and war in the 14 and 1500s, and used as sailing ships until the 1800s. This set of printable pages comes in a range of four colourways.  Use the black print to colour yourself in pencils or paint or inks. Printable Pirate Ships detail Cut and paste (one of the most basic and my favourite types of craft) these pirate beauties onto a card for that man in mind - regardless of whether he is seven or seventy.    Download Printable Pirate Ships Preview Download Printable Pirate Ships

Printable Retro Comic Racing Cars

Up for you this time are some gloriously retro hot rodders to apply scissors and glue to.... Love the shapes of the racing cars and the colours in these. Cut loosely around the images, leaving a little white space to give a little contrast when they are stuck to something. They will also look like stickers that way. Download printable preview Think  Petrol Head Boys Cards for dad, uncle, grand dad, brother Gift Tags Pop them on pieces of cardboard for the little ones to drive (move) about. If you are feeling creative, draw a roadway for them to use and/or a little neighbourhood.    Download printable detail Download Printable Retro Comic Racing Cars

Printable Butterflies

Butterfly images to cut and paste for your papercraft projects. These wee beauties come in four colourways so they are adaptable and will suit many themes.... Printable Butterflies in Red preview Think: Spring Delicacy Vintage Ethereal Dreamy Nostalgic Poignancy Printable Butterflies Download Printable Butterflies I can see these in mixed media works, decorating wrapped gifts, on hard covered altered books and of course journals and Get some more butterflies.