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Printable Whimsy Birds Pages

Put these birds on your wall or in your journal. Three watercolour trios in vibrant shades for a funky feel.

*Colour the background with paint or stamped patterns if you want to.

*Leave plain to brighten a dark space in your home if you frame to use as wall art.

*You could pen an inspirational quote in the white space for a poster.

*Both versions are great for journaling - get busy!

Download Printable Whimsy Birds Pages

Have fun!


Design by Mina Keenan

Thanks to [LINK  Texturemate for the watercolour texture on the birds. :)

Printable Teen Girl Colouring Pages

These simple printables are a versatile heap of fun!

Great for rainy days and quiet time, or just a five minute art treat.

Use these pages for

Colouring Pages: grab any medium to colourDrawing Practice: trace the faces only and practice drawing hair-do's. Try other things as hair - like flowers or butterflies.Pattern Practice: Fill the dresses with your own patterns - you budding fashion designer - you! Download Printable Teen Girl Colouring Pages

Put your finished in any kind of frame or journal or art folder, remember to date it somewhere (on the back of the page will do....