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Five Minute Art Practice - Draw Kawaii

Kawaii roughly means 'cute' and originated in Japan.  Art Practice Drawing Kawaii is good drawing practice. It is simple, easy and quick - and you can fit a drawing inside five or ten minutes a day. I have an A6 notebook I keep close but I usually do a doodle or two before bed. I have a Kawaii Pinterest board for inspiration/copying practice. Serious Kawaii  Drawing Kawaii has developed its own discipline due to its popularity, with formulae regarding cuteness, proportions and things like that. How to Draw Kawaii On my net wanderings I came across Kawaii Drawings by Tatyana Deniz. I was captivated. The tutorials are crisp and succinct. She makes things achievable....yayyy! I opted in for the free mini drawing email course but couldn't stop hopping about the site. Then I found a golden nugget. Tatyana's plan to teach herself to draw Kawaii in six months . How clever to work it out yourself! It is inspiring and motivating. There is even a cou

Printable Wench Collage Sheet and Clipart

This pic is from a comic book that is in the Public Domain. Digital version of original clipart ...cleaned up and enhanced for you to use in your projects.... Your download Other To save: right click and (Save Image As) save to your machine. Have fun working out captions and putting conversation into the speech bubbles. It might be a good game for a Hen's Night or a girly night in. I'm in a silly frame of mind at the moment so I can think of lots of stupid stuff they could say. Case in point: Collage Sheet to Print Here is a printable collage sheet to play about with... Download Printable Wench Collage Sheet