Printable Whimsy Birds Pages

 Printable Whimsy Birds Pages - Ready for the wall

 Printable Whimsy Birds Pages - lined

Put these birds on your wall or in your journal. Three watercolour trios in vibrant shades for a funky feel.

*Colour the background with paint or stamped patterns if you want to.

*Leave plain to brighten a dark space in your home if you frame to use as wall art.

*You could pen an inspirational quote in the white space for a poster.

*Both versions are great for journaling - get busy!

Download Printable Whimsy Birds Pages

Have fun!


Design by Mina Keenan

Thanks to [LINK  Texturemate for the watercolour texture on the birds. :)


  1. Just love your little birdies! I have printed some and will be printing more in the future. I love birds and these little fellas will fit nicely in blank spaces in my scrapbooks. When I am in a cheeky mood i can cut one or two out to paste in unexpected places, like on the shoulder of a model wearing her best clothes or on the headboard of a bed. I will also use the to decorate envelopes when I post snail mail to my cousins. Thankyou.

  2. I cannot find a link to download these adorable birds. Thank you very much for all your wonderful printables! I am anxiously awaiting my grapes to make some cordial and have many plans for cards from the vintage pages. You rock!


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