Christmas Paper Ornament Card

Make up these quick 3D paper ornaments for Christmas card making this year. They fold nice and flat-ish for fitting into envelopes.

Art and Craft Supplies
  • Coloured or patterned paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Card
  • Yarn/thread
  • Buttons/brads or sequins.


  • Fold each circle in half with pattern or colour inside.

  • Glue half circles together.

Glue half circles together.

  • Continue until all five circles are used, keeping straight edges even.


  • This will work with other shapes, try rounded diamonds, or tapered shapes.

  • Glue onto card
  • Add thread and a sequin.

Your left over shapes make a pretty decent card on their own.

Have fun!

Get some printable Christmas Card Backgrounds


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