Printable Li’l Pigrim Clipart

Here are two Li’l Pigrim Clipart couples to use however you wish! Want to color some? – Not a problem!

Download Li'l Pilgrims

How to Use the Li’l Pilgrim Clipart

Use the Li’l Pilgrim Clipart for Thanksgiving and other themes such as Shakespeare projects. The girls could be maids or other service type occupations and the guys could be musketeers.

Download Li'l Pilgrims-Plain


How to Make the Li’l Pilgrims Clipart into Paper Dolls

  • Adhere dolls to card leaving extra space at the base to fold back as a stand.
  • Glue dolls to cardboard tubes.
  • Glue dolls to craft sticks or barbeque skewers.
Happy Crafting!
Design by Mina Keenan


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