Halloween Skeleton Template

This guy measures about 11 inches and look great jiggled around and flapping about in a breeze.

Halloween Skeleton

Art and Craft Supplies

  • Card 
  • Scissors or craft knife 
  • Awl or other pointy tool 
  • Ballpoint pen 
  • 14 jump rings 
  • Round nosed pliers 
  • Flat nosed pliers


Tracing onto card

  •  Trace over the template shapes onto your card. You will see them indented into the card.
Cutting out

  •  Cut out the shapes. The leg bones are slightly longer than the arm bones.

Making holes

Make holes at:

** each end of the limb bones
** wrist ends of hands
** ankle ends of feet
** top and bottom of skull
** shoulders
** hips

 Join pieces together with jump rings.
 Thread string, yarn or ribbon through the jump ring at the top of the skull.


  •  Decorate with glitter glue or rhinestones. 
  • Make a heap of them to make a mobile.


Halloween Skeleton Template
You get three skeletons in this lot - two with suggested faces and one blank to add your own!

Download Skeleton Template

Halloween Skeletons in action.

Have fun!


Design by Mina Keenan


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