Scrap Paper Jotter Pads

Jotter Pads from Scrap Paper

Mr Helpful Man comes in from work with A4 paper that is due to be scrapped. I use this stuff for drawing/sketching ideas, test prints and letting the Grandkids run riot with crayons and the like.

Try making these really useful wee memo pads or jotters for your home or workplace. (My friends love 'em!)

A4 Scrap Paper

Art and Craft Supplies
  • A4 scrap paper
  • Scissors/knife/guillotine
  • Clamps
  • White glue
  • Brush

Cut the A4 pages in half widthwise, then lengthwise (yield is four (A6) jotter pages from one A4 page

Clamp pages together

Stack pages together lining them up fairly straight on one side (this will be the side you will glue)

Hold pages together with wood clamps

Apply white glue to the clamped edge

Brush white glue along the edge making sure to cover well. Leave overnight to dry

For really good jotters, apply another layer of white glue once the first one is dry

Shopping, ideas, lists... and more

Plonk one by the phone for notes, one in the kitchen for shopping lists, one on your desk to capture your ideas/doodles/must do things

Have fun! :)


  1. Thanks so much for these instructions. I have made several of your jotters in different sizes. I keep all the paper that is only printed on one side. However, I found the paper was in an untidy mess. Now I can make your jotters and things are tidier.

    1. I use a pants hanger as a clamp that goes all the way across the glued edge of the paper.


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