Halloween Coffins and Zombie Dollies

Make up some odd looking Zombie Dollies and coffins for them to stay in this Halloween!

Art and Craft Supplies
  •  A4 paper
  •  Scissors
  •  Tape
  •  Glue
  •  Black marker
  •  White gel pen
  •  Scraps of fabric or tissue paper
  •  Scraps of card



  • Cut along outer lines,cutting from tab edge to the next tab edge as shown in photo.

  •  Cut the white spaces to the corners of the model as shown to make two white triangles.

  •  Fold white tabs along solid lines, to the underside of the model.

  •  View of right side of model.

  •  View of underside of model.

  • Fold along solid lines.

  •  Decorate your model with pens

  •  Handles
  •  Nails
  •  Words or drawings

  • Join white tab edges, and tape against inside of model. 

Zombie Dollies

  •  Glue Zombie Dollies onto card.

  •  Trim loosely around the dollies.


  •  Write or draw on the top of the coffins with white gel pen.

  •  Glue spooky pictures onto the top of the coffins.

  •  Line the coffins with scraps of paper or fabric.

  •  Use the coffins as gift boxes, place cards or for small favours at your Halloween do.


The download pack contains three coffins in colours:

  •  Murky Mahogany
  •  'Orrible Orange
  •  Slime Green


Download Halloween Coffins and Zombie Dollies

Have fun!


Design by Mina Keenan


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